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Professional Construction Estimators Association
Charlotte Chapter
Charlotte, NC
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The Charlotte PCEA History:

The Charlotte History of the PCEA began in May 1956 when a group of 35  Estimators from various Construction disciplines in Charlotte came together under the leadership of R.F.”Bob” Hawkins (our first President) and Chartered The Professional Construction Estimators Association of America, Inc.


During the early years of existence the members rallied together exchanging constructive ideas, promoting educational endeavors and high ethical standards while developing new friendships. Under the leadership of Charlotte's early presidents, the members set forth many goals to help the industry and aimed toward expansion of this voluntary Association. As a result of these activities and the efforts of our first Expansion Committee (consisting of Vern W.”Bill” Helms, Harry L. “Bud” Rosenbaum and G. Keith Middleton), a second chapter was formed during 1958 in Greensboro, NC (now called the Triad Chapter). A third chapter came into being in 1963 in the Raleigh-Durham area (now called the Triangle Chapter). When the original Lynchburg Chapter was formed in 1975, we proceeded to become a National Association under the leadership of our First National President, Vern W. “Bill” Helms, and held our First “National” Convention in May 1975 at Myrtle Beach, SC. The PCEA now has Chapters in 5 South Atlantic States.


Our Chapter members continue to exhibit their support of education through a variety of programs ranging from, but not limited to, scholarships to local students, and a Construction related endowment at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

Past Presidents & Estimator of the Year Recipients

Year          President                    Estimator of the Year

1956-1957   Robert (Bob) Hawkins*

1957-1958   Vern W. (Bill) Helms, Jr.*          Vern W. Bill Helms, Jr.*

1958-1959   Vern W. (Bill) Helms, Jr.*

1975-1976   Vern W. (Bill) Helms, Jr.*

1959-1960    R.R. (Bob) Richardson            Ted G. Wilson*

1960-1961    G. Keith Middleton                  Dale I. Gillis

1961-1962    H.L. Bud Rosenbaum, Jr.*       Robert G. Sweet*

1962-1963    Vern W. Bill Helms, Jr.*           Andrew J. Turner

1963-1964    Edmond B. (Eddie) Foil          G. Keith Middleton

1964-1965    Dale I. Gillis H.L.                    Rosenbaum (Bud) Jr.*

1965-1966    Thomas E. Mills                      Van E. Litaker

1966-1967    Frank T. Street                         Edmond (Eddie)B. Foil

1967-1968    Edward R. (Ed) Todd              Thomas E. Mills

1968-1969    Kenneth H. (Ken) Davis          E.C. (Cliff) Worley*

1969-1970    R.P. (Steve) Davis                   W. Aubrey Federal*

1970-1971    W. Aubrey Federal*                R.P. (Steve) Davis

1971-1972     E.C. (Cliff) Worley*               William McKinnell, III

1972-1973     Van E. Litaker                         John A. Callendar*

1973-1974     Ted G. Wilson*                        W. Russell Falls

1974-1975      Dale “Skeet” Gaffney*            Dale (Skeet) Gaffney*

1975-1976      W. Russell Falls                      Gary Turner

1976-1977      Ralph W. Cochran                     Terry R. Dewar

1977-1978      William McKinnell, III             Ralph W. Cochran

1978-1979      W. Tom Nalley                            John T. Ball, Jr.*

1979-1980      H.H. “Hub” Lyles*                    M. Raymond Damron

1980-1981      Alan Kuester                                H.H. (Hub) Lyles*

1981-1982      Jack McClure*                       Alan Kuester

1982-1983      Frank Crenshaw                         Jack McClure*

1983-1984      Darrell Barbee                             James K. (Rick) Brown

1984-1985      W. Gene Powell*                        William (Bill) Hollifield

1985-1986      R. Wayne Setzer                          Robert D. (Bob) Blanton

1986-1987      William W. (Bill) Hollifield      R. Wayne Setzer

1987-1988      Rick Ramsey                               W. Gene Powell*

1988-1989      Steven R. Boheler                   Betty Kuester

1989-1990      Mel Rosenbaum                      Steven R. Boheler

1990-1991      David Canup                                Rick Ramsey

1991-1992      James A. Potts                              Mel Rosenbaum

1992-1993      Patrick G. Litrell                          James A. Potts

1993-1994      Lee J. Brennan                             Patrick G. Litrell

1994-1995      Robin Helms                            Lee J. Brennan

1995-1996      Bert Bauer                               Bruno Wichnoski, III

1996-1997      Chris Betts                                     Trey Shaw*

1997-1998      StacyChamblin                             Chris Betts

1998-1999      Thomas Horton                            Stacy Shamblin

1999-2000      Glenn Andrews                            Robin Helms

2000-2001      Lucia Gilbert                                 Glenn Andrews

2001-2002      Ed Goode                                       Thomas Horton

2002-2003      Brian Inman                                   Lucia Gilbert

2003-2004      Jim Eisele                                       Jim Eisele

2004-2005      Mark Smith                                     Caroline Penland

2005-2006      Michael Ward                                Helene Palmowski

2006-2007      Helene Palmowski                       Pat Slone

2007-2008      Rick Meacham, Jr.                       Michael Camp

2008-2009      Pat Slone                                         Ed Goode

2009-2010      Roger Chrismon                        not awarded

2010-2011      Charles (Duff) Regan                   Roger Chrismon

2011-2012      Derek Lanning                                Charles (Duff) Regan

2012-2013      Derek Lanning                          Derek Lanning

2013-2014      Stephanie Kegley                                           not awarded

2014-2015      Stephanie Kegley                          not awarded

2015-2016      Lee Edwards                                 not awarded

2016-2017      Lee Edwards                                 not awarded
2017-2018      Pete Martinez

Charlotte Chapter's Past "National Presidents" 

1975-1976 Vern W. “Bill” Helms, Jr. *

1976-1977 W. Aubrey Federal

1978-1979 R.P. “Steven” Davis

1980-1981 G. Keith Middleton

1985-1986 H.H. “Hub” Lyles*

1992-1993 Steven R. Boheler

1994-1995 Mel Rosenbaum

2001-2002 Chris Betts

* Deceased

"Rudy Barnes Award"

National Estimator of the Year

1976 Vern W. “Bill” Helms, Jr. *

1977 W. Aubrey Federal*

1978 Dale I. Gillis

1980 G. Keith Middleton

1983 R.P. Steve” Davis

1984 Ted G. Wilson *

1987 H.H. “Hub” Lyles*

2001 Mel Rosenbaum

2005 Chris Betts

Members Emeritus

John T. “Johnny” Ball, Jr. *

Betty Kuester

H.H. “Hub” Lyles*

Jack McClure*

G. Keith Middleton

H.L. Bud Rosenbaum, Jr. *

Aubrey Federal*

Glenn Andrews

W. Gene Powell*

Roger Chrismon

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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